Classes 2019


Beginner Level

This class will focus on body isolation, muscle control, arm movement, and traveling.  I will take you step by step thru slow belly dance movements and technique, I will focus on body isolation, and drills to build muscle strength, flexibility and posture.  Small combos for choreography will be instructed. 

Intermediate Level

This class is for students with better isolation, and muscle coordination. The class will focus on a faster response for mastery of movement.  Dance combinations and choreography will be instructed. 

Advance Level

For students with strong and consistent muscle control,
this is a performance class.  Advance choreography is instructed.

What to wear during class

Comfortable leggings or stretchy pants, a tank top and/or short top, dance shoes are welcome!

Fall Semester 2019

Courses for all levels start on August 5, 2019.  Please contact us for registration information

Private lessons are also available!


Please call (956) 285-4136 to set up a time.